MSClubChristmas.jpgBy popular demand: the hardback print edition of Steyn's acclaimed audio adventure is now available! Mark's contemporary inversion of Anthony Hope's classic Prisoner of Zenda is set in a kingdom even more fantastical than Ruritania - today's UK. In the 1894 original, an English gentleman on holiday is called upon to stand in for the King of Ruritania. Now, over a century later, a (dispossessed) King of Ruritania on holiday in London is called upon to stand in for an English gentleman. If you loved Mark's caper in audio, you'll love it even more on the printed page. Your personally autographed copy is exclusively available right here.


If you enjoy The Mark Steyn Show on dry land, wait till you experience it at sea, as part of our 2024 Mark Steyn Caribbean Cruise. Steyn favourites from around the world will be joining Mark aboard - among them Bo Snerdley, Eva Vlaardingerbroek, Conrad Black, Michele Bachmann, Leilani Dowding and Andrew Lawton - and with no vax mandates or any of that nonsense. You can find more details here.

~Here's the ultimate treat for a Steynophile: the gift that lasts all year long - The Mark Steyn Club. Membership in the Steyn Club comes with a raft of great benefits:

~A full year of Steyn radio serializations of classic fiction in our exclusive series Tales For Our Time;
~Mark's ongoing series of video poetry;
~Exclusive Steyn Store member pricing on over 40 books and other products;
~The chance to engage in live Q&A sessions around the planet with Mark;
~Transcript and audio versions of The Mark Steyn Show and our other video content;
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~Advance booking for Steyn's live appearances around the world;
~Customized email alerts for new content in your areas of interest (arts, politics, culture, or the Full Steyn).

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